About St. James

ce4ac3dec1b09dacae97087e6e06b246St. James Community Church was established on November 20th, 2005 in the City of Attleboro, Massachusetts by The Rev. Paul Kimani. He was joined by about five other families who started worshiping at the Chapel of Good News Bible Church, Attleboro.

Membership grew as time passed, and individual members have continued to grow spiritually also.

In April 2009, the membership had grown such that it was necessary to move to a more spacious venue. Therefore, the church relocated to its current facility, which it now owns.

The church has been able to develop such ministries as Praise and Worship, Ladies, Men’s Association, Youth, and Sunday school to be able to minister more precisely to the members of these groups and enhance the Spiritual experience during each worship service.

The church has continued to work together with other churches in such functions as music functions, pulpit exchanges, revival meetings, youth functions, children’s camps, ladies retreats and conventions, and so on. It has continued to grow as the Lord enables the now Rev. Canon  Paul Kimani.

The church has been able to assume a multicultural approach as it continues to attract people from various cultures, all coming together to worship the living God and recognize the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The church intends to continue to “preach Christ crucified” as it ministers to its members, and evangelizing in Attleboro and other places to fulfill the great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to join us in worship and ministry as the Holy Spirit enables you.


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